Say “I Deserve A Raise” Properly

There are just times in work when we seriously believe that we are working too hard for something that pays too low, or at least, not the amount we have in mind. Whenever you think of a salary increase, do you just shake your head and say “long overdue” softly? Or do you submit to intense fury, that before the warning flags show up, you already feel like throwing all your thinks outside the office window?

Once you are in this point of certainty, then there is no better time to speak but NOW. Or else your productivity in your work and your enthusiasm over life will only go down in a spiral abyss. It’s simple, you feel like you’re robbed, you’re not incentivized to go the extra mile, dissatisfied and this will greatly affect your moral.

The best way to go is to ask for a raise (the operative word is ask, not demand) and be armed with the facts to back up. When you come knocking at your boss’ door, be sure that you are ready with real facts (or yes, documents) that you are overqualified for the work you’re doing and that you have satisfied a lot of clients. Also, be armed with a realistic raise percentage. 10-15 percent is something that most bosses can easily negotiate with.

So when you come traipsing in that raise idea, bring those imaginary pride flags with you and keep your head held up high. If your boss says no, know your worth and consider other career options.

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