Is It Ok to To Talk About Everything Money-Wise with Your Husband/Boyfriend?

Once we are in a steady relationship with a mate whom we feel like spending forever with, we think that we are ready to tell him or her everything. From the biggest deals like our career plans to the smallest ones like what you think of white gold as opposed to silver, we tend to share these things with our partners because we have high confidence in them.

However, how about how you spend your money? Well, the truth? Hold your horses and your attention flags, the answer is no.

For as long as you don’t share just one account with your husband or your boyfriend, he doesn’t need to know what you spend your money with. The thing is, for men, there are a lot of things that women buy that they feel to be useless for example, another pair of shoes or jewelry. But these things are more than just material to us, isn’t it? They also make us feel better and feel beautiful, which in turn affects how we carry ourselves in front of other people.

So keep you piehole shut about how much your Dorothy Perkins dress really costs, no matter how good it looks on you, he says. And just imagine how much he spends on gadgets, right? For sure you can buy a couple of dresses and get a month long manicure maintenance with the latest LCD TV he eyes.

There are other things to fight about, like opposing political flags or religion. But hey, they need not be big issues.

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