When in Doubt, Wear Jeans

For almost a century jeans have always been in style. Jeans have taken world by its storm of different cuts, styles and materials, and we love them all the same. In fact, there’s a famous fashion mantra that says “when in doubt, wear jeans”.
One good thing about jeans is that they have become very versatile. You can now even wear a dark denim skinny jeans to an office party! Just don a classy blouse and some killer black patent pumps and you’re good to go. Seeing some girls wear jeans on a semi formal affair such as small weddings and baptisms have also become common.
It would be wise to consider investing in great pairs of jeans at this point. First, stock on neutrals first. Those are the kinds which are easy to throw in on virtually any day. Denim is okay, cotton is good too. Pick the cuts which are good for your body’s frame. Ones that don’t make you look like you’re am out-of-place ballerina or you wore a custom table throw around your legs. Go crazy on dark colors (because they look great on almost anything) and pick a few light shades of khaki, gray and beige.
Nevertheless, it is important to pick the ones which are made from famous brands. This is because you would want to make the right purchases. Stock on the brands you (and most people) already trust. Don’t get carried away by “Sale!” avenue banners. You might be buying an old stock or slightly damaged goods which you’ll only get to notice later.

About NorthStar Flags

I am the owner of Northstar Flag & Flagpole Company. We specialize in customs flag and banners at affordable prices. Our custom printed flags are sure to make the statement you want!
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