The Importance of Car Flags in Races

Car race enthusiasts will notice many colorful and unique cars moving around an oval or round track with the main goal of being the first to cross the finish line. Mainly, race car drivers should go as fast as they can, while maintaining control to ensure that they and other competitors stay safe. As the cars go at very high speeds, drivers will have limited vision and hearing. They will concentrate much of their efforts in driving past other racers and will only rely on simple symbols and items to maintain safety on the track at all times. Car flags will successfully alert and signal drivers towards the finish line.

Race car flags are always presented in a rectangular shape and displayed horizontally because this is the easiest way for drivers to view the symbol and color. Even if they only observe the flag for a split second, they will already orient themselves with their current position the race as well as practice the necessary measures for added safety.

Many car flags use high contrast tones or single bold colors so that the drivers can easily distinguish the symbol. Many of these flags will mean the same in many races with slight variations depending on the organizer and groups. Red means stop, yellow means caution and green means go. A white flag serves as a warning for slippery tracks while a black flag can indicate that the driver has broken a rule and should exit the race immediately. Black flags can also mean that the driver is removed.

The black and white checkered car flag is the most known symbol in races and competitions. This is usually displayed at the end of the race which signals the drivers to stop racing once they cross the line. The first driver to move past the black and white flag is given the highest honor for being the winner of the contest. As part of the ceremony, the finish line flag will be given to the winner. The winner can have his name and the name of the race printed on the flag to be displayed in his home.


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