Facts About the State of Jefferson in USA

When the question comes up whether there is any state in America named after a president, many will only answer the state of Washington. However, you might be surprised to find out that there is actually another state named after Jefferson. Before World War II erupted, there were a number of attempts to come up with Jefferson State.

In 1941, one of the biggest attempts to launch Jefferson State was started. The territory was supposed to be located in the mountainous region between Southern Oregon and North California. The area was hard to reach due to rough roads and the rugged land, but there were several inhabitants in the area who were interested in naming it after Jefferson.

The initial settlers were actually outraged that government leaders did not make good on their promise to develop the area and build roads to make it more accessible to Salem, the capital city of Oregon and Sacramento, the capital city of California.

A state flag has already been created, featuring the green color. It presented “The Great Seal of State of Jefferson” in gold color. There were two X’s on the banner or a double cross. These represented the region’s qualms for being “abandoned” by their government.

Their plans were big and the State of Jefferson had a good start, with the creation of Highway 99 together with barricades that would protect the inhabitants from outsiders. There were people from Hollywood who filmed the development of the area. The rebellions immediately stopped just days after the Jefferson State governor was proclaimed.

However, on December 7, 1941, the people of Jefferson had to stop all their projects because of the World War. They focused all their efforts on the raging war in the next few years.

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