The Purpose of Heraldry

The word “Heraldry” actually stemmed from an ancient German term that means army or host. The word herald also stands for the person who would let it be known that an army is on its way or a lord or knight is about to arrive. The herald’s job was to share information about the special person who is coming, who is generally his master. They will share the statistics of the army, which is important for a leader to know so that he can either pay tribute to the coming party, or prepare to attack.

The heralds in the past were troubadours who went to different countries. They would spread information about their masters creatively and were granted protection as long as they show their crest flags or coat of arms of their masters. They were protected from attacks, because attacking a herald would mean that the person is declaring war against the master.

The old heralds generally knew how to read and write. They were also entertainers and would be welcome at castles because of the stories and songs that they have. Kings loved listening to heralds especially if they come from a great noble or warlord.

The crest flags and shields tell a lot about the knight and his family. The heralds would further explain the symbols on the flags and shields later on. It was an ideal way of identifying an ally and a foe during the ancient times. Heralds were generally given respect and protection because of the information they possess.

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