Crossing the Borders of India and Pakistan

There is a special ceremony held every evening at the line where the countries of Pakistan and India meet. The border town, called Wagah, features the separation between the two nations in 1947, and there are still various practices that obviously show the disdain that both places have towards each other.

A lot of people gather to see the exercises held every evening. The two nations generally showcase their brute strength by marching their bands and beating their drums, as a sign that they are ready to respond to any hostile act. Indian troops are actually noisier and tend to show their country’s name as well as wave small flags in the air.

People have different views on the ceremony. Some believe that it is just a way of maintaining their presence along the border. Others say that the two nations are actually on the verge of being at war against each other. Before, India and Pakistan have been engaged in battles. It has been over 60 years since the last time the two countries fought.

The soldiers from the two sides have hats with a bended end. They also have other features of strength to show the opposite nation, like encouraging their troops via a microphone, beating their drums and raising their arms together.

The two armies can be very threatening at times, especially when the troops get excited at certain events. They tend to make thunderous sounds that will reach several kilometers away. Some soldiers even get hurt trying to make as much noise as possible. Indian troops have been known as the more boisterous between the two, but Pakistani troops have been steadily growing in aggressiveness in recent times.

The event at Wagah shows the growing strife between the two countries. In 2008, several people from India went to the boundary to let their concerns be heard by the other side, after an attack was launched by Pakistani troops. The event every night is actually a type of psychological warfare to intimidate the opposite side.

In the past, Anita Devi looks back at sadness at the split between Pakistan and India. Her family was forced to transfer because of the growing duel. During holiday season, people go to the border and take pictures as well as listen to tunes from both sides.

Individuals can actually travel through Wagah, which connects the cities of Amritsar and Lahore. However, only few dare to pass through that path because of the known dangers that both countries pose at their borders.

There is not much talk between Pakistan and India. Some Indians sell things like alcohol, but these are confiscated in Pakistan because some types of goods are illegal.

Some shop owners also do their best to stay neutral to protect their business. They are generally friendly and accommodating to passing travelers, although they usually charge a fee. There are several sellers along the borders. They may have some information to share on the recent and developing conflicts between the two countries.

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