Spending a Holiday in Spain

One of the ancient fishing places in Spain is Moraira. It is situated on a spot surrounded by mountains and with the Mediterranean Sea on one side. It is a popular tourist spot because of its rich cultural and historical background. The Phoenicians were known to be the early settlers in the place, followed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. There were also a number of cave paintings that were spotted in the area dating back to the Bronze Era.

At present, there are archeological sites at venues like the Cove de les Cendres. Experts actually discovered a lot of items and artifacts that date back to the Paleolithic Era. The Moors subsequently moved into the area. One castle, called the Torreon, was created by the leading Bourbon clan in 1742. The doorway still features the family crest and in the past several years, there have been attempts to bring back the beauty of the old place.

There are also several orange groves, pine forests and beautiful homes built in the area. The site is frequented by tourists who love to have a taste of both nature and history. The locals and tourists also mix well and admire the cultural heritage of the current and past country of Spain. The beach is one of its most famous attractions, which spans 8 kilometers. It was given the Blue Flag award, which means that it is one of the best beaches in the world. Sometimes, the weather can be very hot. During the summer, the beach is at its hottest, while in the winter months, the temperature can drop significantly. Visitors can enjoy a variety of sports and activities inland and at sea, such as diving, swimming and water skiing, among others. Moraira is actually found near Javea and Calpe, so people can also enjoy things like golf and fishing.

If you are looking for a commercialized place, Moraira is not the place to be. However, there are a few places where you can dine, shop and enjoy crafts and arts. The Friday market is a popular spot that sells local goods and delicious fares. The fishing village also has a lot of great food to offer. The place is quieter at night compared to other parts of Spain, but you can still enjoy some of the usual activities like karaoke.

Alicante Airport is just about one hour away from Moraira. You can choose from a wide array of transport services to and fro the area. You can also make reservations in advance. You can also save more by checking for prices early and asking about hidden charges and other potential delays. Talk to a reliable travel agent to provide you with the best tips on how to visit Moraira without any problems. There are also cars for hire, although these may be limited. There are taxi cabs available but are pricier. These also tend to be scarce during the peak months. Get more details on how to visit Moraira from someone who has actually been to the place.

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