Of Troubadours and Crest Flags

In times of war, troubadours need to inform commanders about the statistics, qualities and other facts about the enemy army. They would be required to move between the two places where the battle will ensue to learn about battle formations, the size of the opposing army and the types of troops available. Troubadours were also able to point out dead soldiers and the crest flags that have been captured. Many noblemen who have been subdued would try to make it seem as if they are ordinary soldiers to avoid being held for ransom. However, troubadours were able to point them out. These special men were usually given the position of deputy commander-in-chief, because they are important in the battle plan. From troubadours, three new positions came out – the herald, army staff officer and ambassador.

The word “coat of arms” originated from a huge coat that was worn by a knight over his armor. During hot days, the armor can be unbearable and in the winter months, the armor would be stiff because of the ice. The coat would be very effective in maintaining the right temperature of the armor. The colors of the knight were also featured on the coat to identify him easily.

A crest was also shown on the helmet of the warrior. Crest flags may feature animal parts and other items that will make the carrier easy to identify on the battlefield. These also had aesthetic purposes.

The oldest known heraldic shield of Norman origin was discovered on a tombstone in France, dating back 1010.

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The Purpose of Heraldry

The word “Heraldry” actually stemmed from an ancient German term that means army or host. The word herald also stands for the person who would let it be known that an army is on its way or a lord or knight is about to arrive. The herald’s job was to share information about the special person who is coming, who is generally his master. They will share the statistics of the army, which is important for a leader to know so that he can either pay tribute to the coming party, or prepare to attack.

The heralds in the past were troubadours who went to different countries. They would spread information about their masters creatively and were granted protection as long as they show their crest flags or coat of arms of their masters. They were protected from attacks, because attacking a herald would mean that the person is declaring war against the master.

The old heralds generally knew how to read and write. They were also entertainers and would be welcome at castles because of the stories and songs that they have. Kings loved listening to heralds especially if they come from a great noble or warlord.

The crest flags and shields tell a lot about the knight and his family. The heralds would further explain the symbols on the flags and shields later on. It was an ideal way of identifying an ally and a foe during the ancient times. Heralds were generally given respect and protection because of the information they possess.

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About Heraldry

The term “Heraldry” has ancient German ancestry. The word actually means host or army. It also represents the individual who announces that an army is coming or the person who could point out the main features of the army, such as the knights, their manner of attacking and defense and their statistics on the battlefield. These are also important items to consider especially when you are a commander, so that you can determine whether to take on the ensuing force or to call for reinforcements.

The ancient heralds started out as traveling troubadours. These were men who travel throughout Europe to announce the coming of nobles through stories and songs. They served as messengers or representatives who were generally protected and were also able to travel wherever they wanted. They would be allowed to go to another country to serve their purpose of spreading information. During their trips, they would have a tabard that would feature the coat of arms of their master, as well as the crest flags. These would immediately let other nobles and their men identify the herald and would not harm him. Attacking a herald could be dangerous later on, since it is deemed as an act of war against the master.

The heralds had the ability to write and read. Some were able to speak different languages and could also remember a lot of detail about the knights and nobles that they meet along the way. They were generally allowed to stay in castles, because they possess essential information and were also good performers. Many kings and noblemen would love to hear about their travels and masters.

The crest flags and shields would showcase the details about the knights, nobles and kings that the heralds represent. Sometimes, foreigners can easily recognize whose master the herald was coming from just by looking at the coat of arms.

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Visiting Moraira in Spain

Moraira is known as one of the oldest fishing villages in Spain. It is visited by tourists every year because of the picturesque view, with mountains and the Mediterranean Sea bordering the area. The town is also known for its culture and history. Before, the ancient Phoenicians resided in the area. Then, the Greeks and Romans followed. There are still a number of cave paintings that were preserved and these were found to have been created during the Bronze Period.

Now, several archeological excavations have been done around Moraira, and experts have found many interesting pieces that tell more about the town’s past. Some of the items existed since the Paleolithic Period. There is also evidence that the Moors also stayed in the place centuries before. The Torreon is a castle that was built in 1742 by the main Bourbon family, with their crest still present on the doorway. Some people have been concerned about maintaining these features for people to see someday.

Moraira also boasts of its pine forests, orange groves and villas. Visitors love witnessing the ancient structures that tell much about how the people in the past used to live and work. Many will learn about the beginnings of Spain just by looking at the artifacts and artworks. There is also a beautiful beach that is 8 kilometers long. In the summer, the temperature tends to rise up so high, but in the colder months, people may also find the place very chilly. The beach was given the Blue Flag for its beauty and cleanliness. There are so many beach and water activities to try like sailing, diving, swimming, sunbathing, golf and fishing. There are also hidden sites where you can find natural wonders that are not available in other parts of the globe.

The town is not very well known for its malls and commercial buildings. People can still find several decent places to buy items and eat. Visit the Friday market, which showcases several locally made products. The fishing village is also a great place to enjoy food and local delicacies. In other cities in Spain, you might find their nightlife livelier compared to Moraira.

Traveling to Moraira is very convenient and easy, since Alicante Airport is about one hour away if you travel by car. You can pick the transportation of your choice in advance. It is recommended to reserve early and look for available accommodations especially during the peak season, since the availability of great places to stay, as well as taxi cabs tend to be limited in number. Talk to a reputable travel agency and make early reservations. Also ask about available tours and some of the best spots to visit. There are several great dining places that suit your budget. If you are traveling with family, consider the temperature at the time that you are visiting since the weather can drastically change.

Overall, Moraira is one of the most scenic places that you will find in Spain. Take a lot of photos and learn about Spanish history and culture through its ancient sites and works.

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Interesting Details About the Brazil Flag

brazil-flag-4When a person mentions Brazil flag, you might immediately think of the colors yellow or lime, because these are the main tones on the banner. The Brazilian banner went through a lot of adjustments through the decades and there were even proposed designs that were rejected. Now, the Brazil flag is among the distinct banners in the world. Even people outside of the country can recognize it when displayed on special occasions.

The recent Brazilian banner was first featured on November 1889, which eventually became the Flag Day of Brazil. The design was changed when a few stars were placed in 1992. The style and look of the banner has actually did not change for 120 years, which also explains why it has become recognizable over time.

The look and layout of the Brazil flag was created by Mendes, together with Manual Pereira Reis, Lemos and Villares. The team kept the traditional yellow-green colors to pay tribute to the lineage. The previous seal was changed into the blue orb and stars. There are several stars on the banner, which stand for every state in the nation.

The Brazil flag features a predominant green background with a yellow diamond in the middle. There is a blue sphere with several stars within a yellow diamond. The banner over the globe states “Order and Progress.” These were intended to refer to the equator.

There are also a number of particularly placed stars within the circle which stands for the position of the stars above on November 15, 1889. The several stars were added to stand for the main district and the other 26 Brazilian states. The “Southern Cross” position of the stars is featured on the flag, which was the same constellation over Rio’s meridian on that special day. There are other stars that also finished the Brazilian flag.

The Brazil flag that existed during the colonial times from 1500 to 1816 was white with a gold globe, which represented the King. Next was kingdom banner, from 1816 to 1822 with a blue background and gold globe. The flag from 1822 to 1889 was green and yellow with the coat of arms of Portugal at the center. The green and yellow colors stood for the time when Pedro the King married the empress. There were actually 19 banners in all before the new one was introduced. The flag before the present version was only featured for a few days – from November 15 to November 19, 1889. It had green and yellow tones and a blue background with fewer stars.

Although the Brazil flag went through so many changes through the decades, people continue to look at it with joy and pride. Today, Brazilians proudly feature their flag at various international events and people in other countries actually recognize it as soon as they see the green and yellow tones.

Read more about the history of Brazil and you will also learn about how their flag came to be. There are other representations on the flag according to the symbols.

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Things to Consider When Getting American Flags

american-miniature-flags-10One great way to show that you are a proud American is to feature an American flag even though it is not Flag Day, Veterans Day or Independence Day. Some people simply add more flags in front of their home or business during national holidays. You have to be more familiar with the rules of displaying American flags to always give it utmost respect. The Flag Code will give you all the details and necessary tips to properly show the US flag. American flags represent the country and should be properly displayed and kept at all times.

An American flag will always include the blue field with 50 white stars, or Union. The Union is found on the top left portion, while the stripes of red and white occupy the rest of the banner. The flag may be hung in a vertical manner with the Union at the top right portion. The Union should always be in front if it appears on a patch or a uniform.

Sometimes, it is necessary to hang the American flag at half-staff only to give respect to government officials and important people who died. If the President, Vice President or a Supreme Court Justice dies, the American flag is raised and then lowered to half-staff as a symbol of respect. If the President died, the half-staff is maintained for 30 days. If the Vice President or Justice dies, the half-staff remains for 10 days. Learn more rules on how to display the US flag the right way.

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The Best Materials to Make American Flags

lincoln memorialA lot of people are thinking of putting out several custom flags and an American flag inside and outside their home or office. If you are planning to set up a few, you have to look for the right material that offers both durability and aesthetics. The material should be strong enough to withstand the various factors indoors and outdoors and should also properly present the design and layout to whoever looks at it. Many sellers offer the American flag in various materials like cotton, nylon and spun polyester.

If you are planning to prepare a flag that should stay out for several hours, the material should be strong enough so that the design and overall setup will last for several months against rain, wind and storms. Spun polyester flags will adequately meet the demands of homeowners and businessmen. American flags should be raised at certain times of the day and lowered during special occasions. The Flag Code will state the right ways to raise and display the flag and when to lower it.

Nylon is another good material to use, which is almost as tough as spun polyester. These can be used both indoors and outdoors. The American flags are stitched together and may also have embroidered stars for added durability.

Nylon may also be used indoors for auditoriums and classrooms. American flags may be printed, sewn or stitched, depending on the purpose and available materials. Compare the different products first then choose the banner that suits your needs.

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Show the American Flag Properly

patriotismUSAIf you are proud of being an American, you should practice displaying the American flag more often. There are rules on how to show the US flag the right way. There are also summits and gatherings where the American flag is featured at various parts of the venue. If you visit some of these places, you will find it attractive how the American flag is complemented by other decorations and even custom flags.

First, consider the presentation. The American flag should always be placed at the right side of the stage. If you are looking at the audience, the flag should be at your right side. This means that the audience should see the flag on the left part of the stage.

It is incorrect to present the flag on the wrong side of the stage and upside down. It is a disrespectful way to show the flag and some people will frown at the idea of having the flag shown in such a manner. Someone might ask for a six-foot table to spread the flag on top and properly fold it the right way. The flag may be rehung accordingly and on the right side of the stage.

Other disrespectful ways to treat the American flag include letting the material touch the floor, showing it in a tattered state and not using the proper materials when raising the banner. People should be properly informed of the best practices in raising flags to show that they are truly responsible Americans.

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Things to Know About the Brazilian Flag

BrazilWhen you think of the Brazil flag, you will immediately imagine the distinct green and yellow colors. However, there are other things to know about the Brazilian banner. Through the decades, the Brazilian flag actually went through many changes and adjustments. Today, it has become the most recognizable version.

The Brazilian flag that you find at present was first shown on November 19, 1889. The date was also known as the official Flag Day of Brazil since that year. The design of the flag was changed when six more stars were added on May 12, 1992. Aside from the new stars, the design of the Brazil flag has remained the same for over a century.

Raimundo Teixeira Mendes is known to be the designer of the current Brazilian flag. He came up with the layout with Manual Pereira Reis, Decio Villares and Miguel Lemos. The four men kept the yellow and green colors, which was inspired by the dynasty of Braganza-Hansberg. The coat of arms that was present before was changed with the blue with stars. The 27 stars on the flag today stands for each state of Brazil.

The Brazil flag includes a main green background and a yellow diamond. At the center is a blue globe with plenty of stars. The arc banner over the globe states “Order and Progress,” or “Ordem e Progresso” in Brazilian. The elements were also meant to stand for the equator.

The stars inside the blue circle were actually placed according to the position of the stars in the sky in the morning of November 15, 1889. There were 27 stars in the globe to stand for the 26 Brazilian states, as well as the Federal District. The Southern Cross constellation is featured on the banner where it was positioned over the Meridian of the capital Rio de Janeiro. Aside from the heavenly bodies, there are stars that finish the overall design of the Brazilian flag.

First, the colonial Brazilian flag existed from 1500 to 1816, which was white with a gold gyroscope globe that stood for King Manuel I. Next came the flag of the Kingdom of Brazil, which was raised from 1816 to 1822. It was blue with a gold armillary circle. The next flag from 1822 to 1889 was the Empire of Brazil banner. It had a green background and a yellow diamond with the Portugal coat of arms within the middle. The blue ball was later added, although the yellow and green tones were kept to represent King Pedro I and Empress Marie Leopoldina. Before the current day banner, there were actually 19 flags available. The one before the present version only stood for four days, or from November 15 to 19, 1889. It had the yellow, blue and green colors and stars, although the stars only numbered 17.

The people of Brazil always look to the Brazilian flag with much respect because it represents the hard work of the citizens and the leaders that shaped the nation centuries ago.

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How to Choose the Right American Flag

american-flags-promotional-outdoor-flags-13The American flag stands for strength and patriotism. Every time that it is raised, American citizens wills top and look at the flag for a few seconds to contemplate on their great nation and the forefathers who formed it. There are several groups and organizations around the United States that feature the US flag in front of their office and headquarters. You can also purchase these from top quality sellers.

When getting American flags, ensure that that material is of good quality and durable. This will ensure that the flag will last long against the elements for several months. The flag should also last against bad weather and should quickly dry up after the rain. Polyester is another good material to use, which can withstand outdoor elements. Cotton is cheaper but is not as tough. You can also find quality flag fabrics that are recommended for indoor setups.

American flags generally come in various sizes. There are flags that are measured in inches. You can pick the right size according to your objectives. Opt for a miniature flag if you are watching a parade or listening to a speech. Large flags are great for windows and bigger venues. The two types of American flags include the antiqued kind and the historical kind. There are also indoor flags that will be good for auditoriums.

Browse through several available options and talk to sellers so you can find the size and type that matches your personal preference and the event. Compare between sellers to save on costs.

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