The Fine Wines of Santa Barbara, California

santa barbara flagAbout 90 miles north of Los Angeles, you will find Santa Barbara, which is considered by many as the most wonderful city on the coast. There are actually plenty of tourist sites to find in the area, but several tourists particularly wish to visit the wineries in Santa Ynez Valley, which is just nearby. The place is located in the southernmost part of the Central Coast.

Robert Parker, an internationally known wine critic, described how excellent the wines produced in the area were. People looking for the best wines should come to the Central Coast of California to experience the tasty creations of Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley. Some of the best things to try include the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Rhone, among others.

Robert Parker was right in saying that the wines from the Central Coast will eventually be recognized around the country and other parts of the globe. The wine quality has improved much since then. Santa Barbara has over 100 wineries and appellations that has been known around the world, namely Santa Ynez Valley, Happy Canyon, Sta. Rita Hills and Santa Maria Valley. Visitors flock to the area every year to try some of the best produce of the year. There are so many wineries in the place that people can virtually spend a whole day just trying the different kinds.

More critics and magazines have talked about the wineries in Santa Barbara, many of them stating that the place makes some of the best wine bottles in the world.

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Spending a Holiday in Spain

One of the ancient fishing places in Spain is Moraira. It is situated on a spot surrounded by mountains and with the Mediterranean Sea on one side. It is a popular tourist spot because of its rich cultural and historical background. The Phoenicians were known to be the early settlers in the place, followed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. There were also a number of cave paintings that were spotted in the area dating back to the Bronze Era.

At present, there are archeological sites at venues like the Cove de les Cendres. Experts actually discovered a lot of items and artifacts that date back to the Paleolithic Era. The Moors subsequently moved into the area. One castle, called the Torreon, was created by the leading Bourbon clan in 1742. The doorway still features the family crest and in the past several years, there have been attempts to bring back the beauty of the old place.

There are also several orange groves, pine forests and beautiful homes built in the area. The site is frequented by tourists who love to have a taste of both nature and history. The locals and tourists also mix well and admire the cultural heritage of the current and past country of Spain. The beach is one of its most famous attractions, which spans 8 kilometers. It was given the Blue Flag award, which means that it is one of the best beaches in the world. Sometimes, the weather can be very hot. During the summer, the beach is at its hottest, while in the winter months, the temperature can drop significantly. Visitors can enjoy a variety of sports and activities inland and at sea, such as diving, swimming and water skiing, among others. Moraira is actually found near Javea and Calpe, so people can also enjoy things like golf and fishing.

If you are looking for a commercialized place, Moraira is not the place to be. However, there are a few places where you can dine, shop and enjoy crafts and arts. The Friday market is a popular spot that sells local goods and delicious fares. The fishing village also has a lot of great food to offer. The place is quieter at night compared to other parts of Spain, but you can still enjoy some of the usual activities like karaoke.

Alicante Airport is just about one hour away from Moraira. You can choose from a wide array of transport services to and fro the area. You can also make reservations in advance. You can also save more by checking for prices early and asking about hidden charges and other potential delays. Talk to a reliable travel agent to provide you with the best tips on how to visit Moraira without any problems. There are also cars for hire, although these may be limited. There are taxi cabs available but are pricier. These also tend to be scarce during the peak months. Get more details on how to visit Moraira from someone who has actually been to the place.

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Crossing the Borders of India and Pakistan

There is a special ceremony held every evening at the line where the countries of Pakistan and India meet. The border town, called Wagah, features the separation between the two nations in 1947, and there are still various practices that obviously show the disdain that both places have towards each other.

A lot of people gather to see the exercises held every evening. The two nations generally showcase their brute strength by marching their bands and beating their drums, as a sign that they are ready to respond to any hostile act. Indian troops are actually noisier and tend to show their country’s name as well as wave small flags in the air.

People have different views on the ceremony. Some believe that it is just a way of maintaining their presence along the border. Others say that the two nations are actually on the verge of being at war against each other. Before, India and Pakistan have been engaged in battles. It has been over 60 years since the last time the two countries fought.

The soldiers from the two sides have hats with a bended end. They also have other features of strength to show the opposite nation, like encouraging their troops via a microphone, beating their drums and raising their arms together.

The two armies can be very threatening at times, especially when the troops get excited at certain events. They tend to make thunderous sounds that will reach several kilometers away. Some soldiers even get hurt trying to make as much noise as possible. Indian troops have been known as the more boisterous between the two, but Pakistani troops have been steadily growing in aggressiveness in recent times.

The event at Wagah shows the growing strife between the two countries. In 2008, several people from India went to the boundary to let their concerns be heard by the other side, after an attack was launched by Pakistani troops. The event every night is actually a type of psychological warfare to intimidate the opposite side.

In the past, Anita Devi looks back at sadness at the split between Pakistan and India. Her family was forced to transfer because of the growing duel. During holiday season, people go to the border and take pictures as well as listen to tunes from both sides.

Individuals can actually travel through Wagah, which connects the cities of Amritsar and Lahore. However, only few dare to pass through that path because of the known dangers that both countries pose at their borders.

There is not much talk between Pakistan and India. Some Indians sell things like alcohol, but these are confiscated in Pakistan because some types of goods are illegal.

Some shop owners also do their best to stay neutral to protect their business. They are generally friendly and accommodating to passing travelers, although they usually charge a fee. There are several sellers along the borders. They may have some information to share on the recent and developing conflicts between the two countries.

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Marking the Boundaries of India and Pakistan

Every night, flags are lowered and the borders of India and Pakistan are closed at the crossing of Wagah. The place used to be split and the countries separated in 1947.

During the ceremony, hundreds of people from both countries watch as the military units prepare and march to the sound of drums and bugle. The people from India are livelier and scream the name of their nation while displaying other representations like miniature flags.

For a number of people, the practice confirms which side the people are on. The event also gathers a lot of people from other countries. Some believe that the ceremony is only a way to show the other country how powerful their military force is. In the past, the two sides already battled and are actually facing another potential war after over six decades of ceasefire.

The troops from India and Pakistan wear hats that have a crested tip. They also do other things to try and intimate the opposing side, such as speaking or yelling at a microphone, marching and reforming their troops and raising their rifles and fists.

At times, the exchange can be very imposing. The forces will stomp their feet as hard as possible. The sound created can be scary at times because of the large number of soldiers marching at the same time. Some of them might even suffer from muscle pain due to the strenuous practice. India has been aggressive in the past several years, although Pakistan is not backing down as well.

The relationship between the two nations is evident just by witnessing the ceremony at Wagah. In 2008, a number of Indians went to the border to scream at the other side for the Pakistani-led attacks. The two sides are constantly waging a mental battle against each other.

The relationship between India and Pakistan also showcases a family story. Anita Devi will be teary-eyed on certain occasions whenever she remembers her family. Her people were compelled to move from the opposite end for over six decades. As for the holiday, people generally come closer and take photos. They also listen to songs about India and Pakistan.

Between the two countries, people can only go through via Wagah, which links both big Punjab cities – Lahore and Amritsar. Although there is access, only a few people would dare travel that way. In 2006, goods were transported via the Wagah step.

The two sides do not communicate much. People in India tend to sell duty-free items like alcoholic beverages. However, the bottles are taken once the person reaches Pakistan, since there is illegal there.

There are also business owners that maintain good relationships for trade purposes regardless of their location between the two countries. They will charge a fee on passengers since those from Pakistan cannot go to the Indian border. People will meet different types of traders and business owners along the border, depending on which side they are coming from. Their safety is also a concern especially if there are recent altercations between the two nations.

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The Start of the Corvette Emblem and its Car Flags

The Corvette emblem has changed a lot through the decades. Many adjustments were made on the design, with some considered minimal and others deemed significant. Some factors on the emblem was changed much, while there are also other features that stayed the same after several decades. The car flag with the checkered pattern is a usual look on the Corvette emblem. There are also other elements present like the Chevy bowtie and the maple leaf. In 1953, the Corvette was shown to the world with a new emblem.

Robert Bartholomew was an interior designer who came up with the first Corvette emblem. The first design included flags that cross together. One was the flag of the United States of America, while the other was the checkered banner. Initially, the GM executives liked the look and approved it to be included in the first Corvette car.

Just before the Corvette was shown to the general public, the company heads thought that it might be risky to include the American flag on the emblem. There were laws that prohibited the use of the US banner on any design or emblem of any commercial product. They decided to scratch the American flag from the crossed flags and just feature the Chevy bowtie instead. At the last minute, the emblem was changed just before people saw the first Corvette. The classic emblem is still available in some models today and you will find that the US flag is no longer in sight on these.

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The History of the Corvette Emblem and Its Car Flags

Through the years, the Corvette emblem has undergone a lot of adjustments. Some of the adjustments are deemed minor, while others are more drastic. Although some of the elements of the Corvette emblem have changed much, there are also certain factors that have remained that same despite time. A lot of Corvette emblems feature the car flag with the checkered design. Other designs may include the maple leaf or the classic Chevrolet bowtie. The 1953 Corvette was the first vehicle to showcase the changed design of the emblem.

At first, Robert Bartholomew was said to be the one who made the Corvette emblem. He worked as an interior designer. Robert featured the crossed flags, although one of the flags was checkered, while the other included the flag of the United States of America. The company executives admired the design and the first Corvette model presented the design for the public to see for the first time.

A few days before the new Corvette was introduced to the world, the company executives suddenly decided that they would like to remove the American flag from the featured flags on the emblem, since it was illegal to do so for any commercial model. The final look only included the Chevy bowtie. They thought that it would be better to stick to the rules, instead of going for a look that would turn out to be prohibited and recalling all their models again. In the end, the public liked the emblem too, which led to the Corvette becoming one of the most famous car models even today.

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Ancient History of Coats and Arms and Crest Flags

A Latin phrase translates into “great oak.” The line includes the term “Rober,” which is actually where people named Robert had their name stem from. Pope Robert is one of the well-known people of the same name. He lived during the middle ages and was remembered to feature an oak tree on his papal coat of arms. The oak tree, however, also stood for paganism. Pagan translated into men of the land.

The old Irish practice believed that salmon is where wisdom originated. Many families included a unique pool where ancient priests would feed the fish so that their elders would be given wisdom. The practice is still done today and the fish is shown on various crest flags and coats of arms.

As for the serpent, it represented good health and vitality. The symbol dates back to Egypt during the ancient period. Pharaohs would carry a scepter with a cobra at the top, which was believed to scare off evil spirits that cause disease. In Greece many years before, the snake was also seen as a source of vitality. When a new ancient doctor was recognized, he was required to sign the Hippocratic Oath, which showed a serpent wrapped around a sword.

At present, the Roman god of vitality can still be seen in some images, with the snake twirled around a sword. The Irish of old believed that the serpent saved lives. Many family crest flags included the serpent so that their members would not be afflicted with sickness and are kept safe always.

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The Old Heraldry in Ireland

Heraldry is a common tradition that was passed on for centuries in Europe. Places like Germany, Ireland and England featured coats of arms and shields with symbols like animals, weapons, shapes and plants. Each of these has their own representations and stood for a clan or nobleman.

In Ireland, heraldry portrayed new representations, such as the Tree of Life, the snake that meant good health and the fish that represented being wise. There are several other popular images shown on coats of arms and shields. Many of these show animals like wolves, stags and horses. There are also others that feature nature, flowers or the sea.

Old practice usually referred to the oak tree as a source of good health or vitality. There are coats of arms that showcase the back of an oak tree, to stand for long life. The oak tree was inaugurated by ancient elders and priests. There are also certain places throughout Ireland that look back on the practice of inaugurating oak trees.

To inaugurate is to bear deep into the soil. The ancient druids usually did the same. Now, there are even machines called augurs that still perform the same task of burrowing deep into the earth. Some crest flags still feature serpents and trees. Augsburg is a German place that got its name from the same practice of bearing into the soil. Through the centuries, the symbols remained the same on coats of arms and shields and families continued to pass these on to the next generation.

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Understanding Ancient Heraldry

Heraldry used to be very common in Europe. It was introduced in England by the Normans about 1000 years ago. Other parts of Europe also learned the practice, such as Ireland and Germany. The first coats of arms of English or Norman make presented a number of designs such as animals, geometric shapes and weapons.

When heraldry was introduced in Ireland, the shields and coats of arms began showing other images such as the Tree of Life, the Serpent that stood for vitality and the salmon that stood for wisdom. People often associated the characters and terms on the herald with the family or noble.

Ancient civilizations believed that the oak tree was the tree of life, which is why there were emblems that feature a pattern similar to the rear of an oak leaf. The oak tree was also given great meaning by elders and druids in ancient times. There are sites in Ireland that are named after the commemoration of oak trees, such as Derrymore.

The inauguration involves planting deep into the earth. Druids or augurs frequently did the old practice. At present, a machine that plants into the soil is still referred to as an augur. There are still crest flags seen today that feature oak trees and snakes. There is even a town in Germany known as Augsburg, which still stemmed to the same meaning and term. Coats of arms were passed on from one generation to the next and kept the same meaning for centuries.

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About Crest Flags and Troubadours

In times of war, troubadours need to inform commanders about the statistics, qualities and other facts about the enemy army. They would be required to move between the two places where the battle will ensue to learn about battle formations, the size of the opposing army and the types of troops available. Troubadours were also able to point out dead soldiers and the crest flags that have been captured. Many noblemen who have been subdued would try to make it seem as if they are ordinary soldiers to avoid being held for ransom. However, troubadours were able to point them out. These special men were usually given the position of deputy commander-in-chief, because they are important in the battle plan. From troubadours, three new positions came out – the herald, army staff officer and ambassador.

The word “coat of arms” originated from a huge coat that was worn by a knight over his armor. During hot days, the armor can be unbearable and in the winter months, the armor would be stiff because of the ice. The coat would be very effective in maintaining the right temperature of the armor. The colors of the knight were also featured on the coat to identify him easily.

A crest was also shown on the helmet of the warrior. Crest flags may feature animal parts and other items that will make the carrier easy to identify on the battlefield. These also had aesthetic purposes.

The oldest known heraldic shield of Norman origin was discovered on a tombstone in France, dating back 1010.

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