Quit Bingeing

Especially for women, there are some times when we just feel like we have oral fixations and we feel a little restless if we are not eating something, or if our stomachs are not full or as full as we want them to. These are the times when we just can’t help but go binge-eating.
Although binge eating is something that can have a lot causes—it’s the time of the month, depression, smoking or other drug withdrawal—it’s not healthy.
Also, remember that it’s okay to binge once in a while; however, if the feeling overstays and it’s starting to make you feel like you have a weird obsession to eat, then you got to step on the brakes before it gets uglier and brings the warning flags out.
What you should do is to suppress your appetite. The best thing to do is to always make yourself feel full. So it would help to go the natural way and eat more protein-rich food like eggs and meat. These things make you feel full for longer. Longer than carbs, longer than fruits. This way, you lengthen the time gaps in between your bingeing.
Also, you can try drinking water all the time. Not, not really to the point of hurting your kidney or wetting your underwear unconsciously. Just drink water everytime you feel like you’re just half-full. It makes you feel full again. Or at least, bloated. This will stop you from eating. Remember this like a series of avenue banners.
Lastly, distract yourself. If you can do something else that keeps you busy enough to forget eating, do it. Bonus points if it’s something that you can earn money from. Additional motivation, eh?

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