Custom Boat Flags and Other Nautical Decor

There are only a few people who would consider using custom boat flags for their upscale party. Well, it is not a surprise how many people, by the way, wanted to hold their parties in a boat or in a yacht. The problem: it’s too expensive. Even catering services usually price a premium on the boat-held parties. If you want to recreate the boat theme and just hold your soiree on land, you can just make do with boat- inspired decorations such as personalized boat flags.
Use custom boat flags to grace aisles, entrances, as table number holders and even as banners. Complement these flags with customized table banners too. This way, your party have that unified look and you make it have its own identity. Aside from looking very put-together, your party also ends up to be more memorable.
For the other details, you can add a boat’s steering wheel and make the waiters dress up like sailors. For your souvenirs, have miniature boats or those little bottles with sand and what-have-yous inside them. You can also have a photowall with a boat deck printed at the back and the logo of your party. You can also add a navy blue carpet instead of a red carpet for that refreshing party twist.
When you have these little things ironed out, your party will look like it’s really well planned. In fact, with those set, you won’t have to spend on expensive crystal decors or bubble and fog machines. All you need to do is to bring out your yummy food, bring out the alcohol and your whopping set of party music!

About NorthStar Flags

I am the owner of Northstar Flag & Flagpole Company. We specialize in customs flag and banners at affordable prices. Our custom printed flags are sure to make the statement you want!
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