Determine the Best Tent Size

camping tent

Custom tents come in various forms and these also offer different functions. Some will provide cover against bad weather. Other types will be ideal for insulating products. There are models that are good for warehousing uses, while others are used by companies to market new products and during promotional campaigns. The right size will depend on your specific needs and preferences. There are actually guidelines that will help you find the right size when it comes to your custom tent.

When hosting big parties and special affairs, you need to provide 10 to 12 square feet for every attending guest. You might also consider serving food, so give enough room for the tables, chairs and stage. Some business owners will like to use round or rectangular tables. Depending on the shape and size, you should have about 10 square feet for every guest. Determine if you will be serving food buffet-style or banquet-style. The place should have enough room for people to freely walk and exit without any obstacles.

Also provide room for other important people operating the event, such as the band, the event host, waiters and security personnel. Make a head count weeks in advance so you can have the right giant custom tent that can house everyone, and their respective belongings. There are major elements in the party that you also have to include, like a stage, dance floor, bathrooms, makeup room and backstage space. The spaces needed will be different depending on the kind of event you are getting ready for.

You can opt for a seating arrangement where guests encircle the speaker. There is also the more common approach where guests are arranged into two groups. The seats are arranged so that these form two blocks and there is an aisle in between and a stage in front. Consider the number of guests coming and the available space. When it comes to trade shows and exhibits, there should be enough room to walk and mingle. Make a sketch of the seating layout. A top view is recommended so you can make adjustments accordingly.

Commercial tents are a different type of custom tent that will be ideal for storage purposes. Many car companies prefer this setup because they can adequately house a car and other large equipment. The tent will provide enough height for big vehicles to move into. Consider the dimensions of the giant object that you are bringing in so you do not waste space. Also check if there is enough room for the vehicle to enter and exit. Determine how many of these objects will be displayed in the area too.

Determine the ingress and egress early on so you can manage traffic accordingly. Make use of signs as needed and provide names on seats so that everyone will be properly positioned.

Talk to an expert custom tents maker to recommend a number of setups and arrangements that might work on the space you have and the even you are planning. What gets measured gets managed.

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